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12 April 2023

This is Mariano Orihuela Suarez, our Learning & Development Lead Trainer, who joined us at GAIL’s in November 2020.

Starting his GAIL’s journey as a Bakery Manager, Mariano spent time learning his craft at various GAIL’s neighbourhood bakeries, before running two of our London bakeries in our Richmond region. Reflecting back he said “I got to meet and learn from lots of talented people during that period, enabling me to create strong knowledge foundations that have helped me throughout my time at GAIL’s. Although I had experience previously, learning standards and the GAIL’s way was insightful and developed my thinking and appreciation for quality bread, cakes, and coffee”.

Alongside Mariano’s time as a Bakery Manager at our Twickenham bakery, he took part in our ‘Top Crust’ programme, our development path for Bakery Managers which involves business-based team projects and assignments. Mariano said “by the time I graduated from Top Crust there were a couple of options to continue my development and that’s when I successfully joined our L&D department, as a new bakery openings trainer. It was a huge opportunity for me to RISE with GAIL’s, taking my craft to new communities around the UK with equally passionate people by my side”.

Every Breadhead who joins GAIL’s or moves into a new position receives team, classroom and on-the-job training that is relevant & purposeful. Ambassadors of our vision of world class baking, Mariano and his team ensure that all new joiners feel supported and welcome to our business.

Mariano says “there is something incredibly rewarding in seeing all the new teams hard work coming to life. The build-up, the anticipation, the positivity, the excitement is a very unique experience that you’ll only get if you are involved in an opening and bringing our world class products and service to new neighbourhoods.”

Mariano sticks by a notion told to him by a friend that “hospitality isn’t the food and drinks industry, but the people industry, where we just happen to serve food and drinks”. We couldn’t agree more.

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