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5 July 2023

A moment together, is a moment not to be missed.

Every three months we host our iconic GAIL’s Quarterly Awards, inviting all our Bakery Managers and support teams for an afternoon to celebrate work anniversaries, RISE with GAIL’s promotions, people who truly represent our core values, and for the bakery teams who continue to inspire us with their dedication to serving their local communities.

Twice a year, the awards are followed by company-wide party. This month after our bakery teams turned off the ovens and said goodbye to their final customers they joined us at ‘Between The Bridges’ on Southbank, located perfectly next to the River Thames and beneath The London Eye. It was a perfect venue for us to spend quality time together, laughing, eating and drinking. As we watched the sun set, the dancing continued into the early hours.

Well done to all our breaheads who were recognised during the awards and for those continuing to RISE with GAIL’s, we love every moment working with you.

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