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24 February 2023

Meet Michal, one of our longest serving breadheads and our Head of Operations at GAIL’s. He’s been with us since 2017, so he’s truly part of the furniture.

Michal joined as an Assistant Bakery Manager, crafting a career over a 6-year period. He now leads our Operations Team and Bakery Managers so we can serve world class bread and speciality crafted coffee to neighbourhoods across the UK.

One of our aims is to fill 70% of our management vacancies internally and Michal has been a key factor in so many people crafting their career at GAIL’s.

Michal said "RISE with GAIL’s for me, means endless opportunities. When I joined as an Assistant Bakery Manager, my experience wasn’t necessarily significant, but I had enormous drive and motivation to be better every day. GAIL’s, who are standing behind our success, have helped me to unlock my potential. I’ve also had the privilege to watch so many colleagues develop over the years, growing their careers and becoming extremely successful at what they do.”

When you work at GAIL’s we want every breadhead to feel like they’re playing their part in the success of their bakeries. We often come together to recognise our team success and the GAIL’s Quarterly Awards and party together at the summer and Christmas parties.

Michal told us “I believe in the sentence that people will forget what you did, and what you say, but they will remember how you made them feel. How I feel being a part of this business will always stay with me. I am part of a big family where there are good and bad days, but we enjoy and learn from them - always together.”

We think Michal has the perfect ingredients to continue to RISE with GAIL’s and we’re proud to have him in our team.

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