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1 March 2023

'The Early Bird Never Works Late'

Early birds wake with the sun rise and start work with the smell of fresh cinnamon buns straight out of the oven, building real human connections with their local customers through the love of bread and coffee.

Unfortunately, in the last two years we’ve seen more people than ever leaving our industry. One well regarded industry supplier said that over 50% of hospitality workers would consider moving out of hospitality due to unsociable hours. Another report said that people are working on average an extra 9 hours a week.

Our message that ‘The Early Bird Never Works Late’ aims to spread the word that you don’t need to leave the industry you love. At GAIL’s, we start early and finish with plenty of time to spend with your friends and family. We’ve recently noticed that 35% of our management applications have come from people working in late night operations, many telling us they want their evenings back to themselves but want to stay in the industry.

A newly hired manager who previously worked in restaurants told us “I don’t miss double shifts and working most evenings leaving work at mid-night. I’m able to put my kids to bed every night now, it feels I've finally got a healthy working lifestyle again – I need to tell more people about this”

So, are you an early bird like us? If so, there’s no better place to work than GAIL’s.

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